The Power of Seasons: Embracing the Next Dimension in Your Life

Well, I want to start off by saying happy autumn! It seems like only yesterday we were starting summer. I was thinking of the beach, taking some time for rest and relaxation and slowing down for a bit. Now we are entering the fourth quarter and close to the end of 2019. I hope that you did have a great summer and that you also took some time to rest and reset over the last three months. As you know, the fourth quarter is about to start and I hope you are clear about your goals, priorities, and intentions. It is a new season and new seasons require new strategies and new tactics. Hopefully, these insights will empower you for breakthrough in every season of your life.

  1. You cannot enter a season without a clear vision. I cannot tell you how many people I have talked to over the years that get excited about the potential of a new season. Potential without perception will never produce progress in your life. If you have followed my work over the years, you know I am a person that believes in having a vision for your life. If you want to avoid being distracted, it behooves you to take the time to get clear about your vision. Some people will argue that they do not have the time to write out a vision for their lives; however, I always say that you cannot afford to live a single moment of your life without a vision. In essence, when you do not have a clear vision for your life you will spend the rest of your life fulfilling someone else's vision. So take a few moments and write out your vision for the next three months. What you pen to paper you empower to become possible in your life.



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Jamelle Sanders is the CEO of Jamelle Sanders International. A global management, consulting advisory empowering leaders for success.