Starting the Year Off Right: Insights for Making This the Greatest Year of Your Life

First of all, I want to be among the first to tell you Happy New Year! We’ve closed out the chapter of 2021 and we have started a new chapter called 2022. I hope that you were able to close old chapters, heal old wounds and embrace the wisdom and lessons of 2021. Most of all, I hope that you were able to say goodbye to the memories so you can say hello to all the incredible moments that await you in 2022. Were you able to take time and develop a strategy? 2022 cannot look different for you unless you dare to do something different. I hope these insights will position you for success, prosperity, and breakthrough in 2022 and beyond!

  1. You cannot start the year right with an unrenewed mind. Honestly, most people changed the calendar but nothing about their lives has changed. What do I mean? They have brought the same ideologies, philosophies, and constructs into 2022. Sure they may have even written down some resolutions and made some affirmations. However, resolutions and affirmations without a renewed mind will only cause you to live your life on repeat. An unrenewed mind is unresponsive to change, growth, development, or maturity. As long as you are unresponsive to change, you will never be empowered to upgrade your life. If you want to elevate your life in 2022, then understand that it will begin with driving toxic thoughts from the mind so you can design new cycles of success, prosperity, and victory. When toxic thoughts are not driven from the mind they dominate you and engineer cycles of defeat. Make the decision right now to renew your mind and stop living adjusted to an old paradigm. Your paradigm will always determine what is possible for you.



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Jamelle Sanders is the CEO of Jamelle Sanders International. A global management, consulting advisory empowering leaders for success.