Redefine the Way You Look at Failure

So many people in the world today are stuck. They want to live their dreams. However, they continue to be derailed by disappointments, distractions, frustrations and failures. So many experts have opinions about success. While I am not saying that they are wrong, a lot of the information being presented today is theoretical. It has no real-world application or validity. Honestly, the journey to success is much more of a zigzag than a straight line. Everything in your life will not go according to plan. Nor should you expect everything to be perfect. One of the great things about the journey to success is learning to appreciate the process. Also, you have to learn how to make the adjustments that will lead to progress and results in your life. One of the greatest lessons I ever learned was to never allow failure to define your life.

  1. Lose the misconceptions that you have about success. Stop believing the lie that success is automatic. My success story has taken over thirty years to come together. My business was in bad shape. In fact, the business almost collapsed on three different occasions. I had pressure coming at me from every direction. People were critical and I do not believe anybody truly expected the business to make it. However, I refused to allow the critics and the naysayers to tell me what was possible for my life. Instead, I continued to persevere and I came to the other side with the victory in my life and business. You will always be frustrated if you try to limit success to a formula. Success is not a formula. Success is a fight and you must be willing to fight for it daily.



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Jamelle Sanders is the CEO of Jamelle Sanders International. A global management, consulting advisory empowering leaders for success.