Owning Moments in Your Life: The Importance of a Hard Reset

First of all, I want to say happy autumn and welcome to the fourth quarter of 2020! While many people have declared 2020 canceled, I have declared 2020 fruitful and productive in my life. It has been a busy and prosperous year for me. Also, I have been presented with so many amazing opportunities and introduced to some phenomenal relationships. So I believe that you define your year and you never allow outside forces to define what is possible for your life. As we head into the final quarter of 2020, I want to share some insights with you on how to seize moments in your life and maintain momentum. I hope you will put these principles into practice and see progress and prosperity in every area of your life. Don’t waste this moment!

  1. You need to change your declaration. If you are one of those people that have declared 2020 canceled, I want you to change your confession right now. While you may not be able to control the adverse circumstances that are happening in the world, you can control your attitude. So I want you right now to declare that 2020 is not canceled but productive and prosperous. If you cannot get your declaration right, then you will never see your life move in the direction that you desire. Many times we wonder why we are repeating cycles of frustration and failure. However, we never take the time to consider that our confessions often constrict and constrain our lives. Wrong words will never produce the right outcomes. Do not allow your words to become the barrier to a winning life.
  2. You need to revisit your vision. In this cancel culture, many people have said that they are just waiting for 2021 to come in. They have completely given up on their goals and abandoned their dreams. While COVID-19 has interrupted our lives and interfered with our plans, the reality is that most people were not being very productive anyway. By the time that the United States shut down in March, most people had already given up on their goals and returned to life as usual. In fact, by the end of January, most people were living their lives on stutter and repeat. So we cannot blame COVID-19 for a lack of progress or results. The real culprit is that most people did not have a clear for their lives. I want to take some time and clear about what your vision is. I can hear some of you saying that it is pointless with only three months left in the year. However, I have learned over three decades of living that if you do not have a vision for your life you will spend the rest of your life fulfilling someone else's vision. Get clear about your vision and define the direction that you want your life to go in. Every day you live without a vision you create cycles of hopelessness. Your vision shapes your moments and dictates your priorities.
  3. You need to master owning moments in your life. Many people admire my life and work today. However, I have found that not many people are interested in my journey to success. I cannot tell you how many people have made assumptions about my life. Yet when I try to explain to them that my success story has taken three decades to write they walk away with a bewildered look. While many things have contributed to my success, my ability to seize moments of opportunity has been critical to my success and prosperity. The reality is that opportunities abound all around us. Unfortunately, most people do not have the acumen and perceptivity to discern opportunities in their lives. Sometimes we mistake opportunities as challenges, oppositions, and even enemies to our destinies. The problem is that we do not understand that difficulties are often pregnant with divine opportunities. I was having a conversation with a friend a few days ago about this very thing. Many people have spent 2020 scrolling social media, binge-watching shows on Netflix, and complaining about the shutdown. What I have done is taken new courses, learned new information, rebranded my business, formed new partnerships, developed new relationships, and continued to improve myself. In addition, I have finished another project, worked on another book, and I have been really productive. The reality is that your perception of moments will determine the power of moments in your life. How many moments are wasted because we lack the maturity to seize them? Opportunities require preparation and perception.
  4. You cannot afford to waste time. If you have followed my work over the years, then you have heard me talk about time. I believe that time is a precious commodity that we often take for granted. Many years ago I learned the importance of time. As I was in a time of reflection and prayer, I discovered that time is the only vehicle that will bring us into the future. Therefore, if we cannot properly allocate our time we will abort our destinies. That startling truth revolutionized my life, my focus, my capacity, my relationship constellation, and my commitment to my destiny. It caused me to set proper boundaries in my life, to honor time as a precious gift, and to not allow another person to waste a moment of my time. It was a powerful shift in my life that set me on a collision course with success and prosperity. 2020 has exposed many people. For years, I have heard people say that if I only had the time I would accomplish certain goals or manifest certain dreams. However, when COVID-19 hit these are the same people that spent hours on the couch, scrolled their phones and observed everyone else's timelines, and made no progress on their goals or dreams. The reality is that time was never the issue. The real issue is that their goals were never important to them. As we go into the final three months of 2020, these are the same individuals that will make excuses for why nothing has changed in their lives. They will tell themselves that 2021 will be different. Consequently, 2021 will be a repeat of 2020 if they do not learn how to use their time wisely. It is nothing more detrimental to your potential than squandering time and wasting moments. Make a decision to make every moment count and allow time to be the catalyst to fulfilling your purpose and realizing your full potential.

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Jamelle Sanders is the CEO of Jamelle Sanders International. A global management, consulting advisory empowering leaders for success.