Momentum: The Master Key to Manifesting Your Goals

Can you believe we are a few weeks away from ending the second quarter of 2021? I hope that this has been a productive quarter of clear priorities and progress for you. Many people came into 2021 with great ambition and lots of excitement. However, it takes more than excitement and ambition to change your life. If you want to manifest your goals, you must have intentionality, strategy, and execution. In my life, I have found momentum to be one of the greatest catalysts for achievement and acceleration. I want to share a few insights with you about the power of momentum. I hope these truths will help you shift the trajectory of your life and manifest your greatest desires!

  1. You need to have clear goals. First of all, before you tune me out and scroll to something else on your feed I want you to hear me. Too many people tell me that they have their goals in their heads. While that sounds good in theory, I know from personal experience that mental goals do not carry the same weight as written goals. So take time to get your goals down on paper. What you commit to memory you possibly achieve. However, what you commit to paper you are more likely to concentrate on and make a priority in your life. So take some time and write down your goals. I would encourage you to write about three to five goals at the most. You are already heading into the third quarter of 2021. So you do not want to write too many goals when half the year is already gone. You need to write your goals with clarity. It is difficult to create a vision around vague goals. So be specific, strategic, set proper metrics, be realistic and identify your time horizon. This will give you the clarity you need to move forward with your goals and to produce results.
  2. Break your goals down into action steps. After you have gotten clarity about your goals, I want you to break your goals down into chunks. In other words, I want you to identity 2–3 action steps you can take on each of your goals every single day. One key to my success has been taking my goals out of the future and bringing my goals into the now. In other words, you need to stop putting off for tomorrow what is in your power to take action on today. So I want you to identify the actions you can take every single day to bring you closer to your goals. If you are having trouble identifying these steps, then do some research on what it will take to manifest your goals. Or hire a coach to help you devise a strategy for actionable steps. When you break your goals down into action steps, your goals become within reach and much more attainable. The greater the distance between you and your goals the greater the likelihood of failure. Most people are overwhelmed with their goals because they never make them manageable. Breaking down your goals into chunks brings simplification and empowers you for effective implementation.
  3. You must move into the execution phase. While breaking your goals down into actionable steps is good, if you stop here you will only perpetuate cycles of frustration, failure, and defeat in your life. The next step is to execute your goals. In other words, you must take action every single day in the direction of your desired outcome. Notice I did not say that you should take action when you feel like it, when everything is favorable and when you are seeing big wins in your life. No, if you want to see your goals manifest then you have to be a person of consistent action. I’ve discovered that consistency is the secret of champions. You do not succeed at what you do occasionally. You will only succeed at what you do consistently. Furthermore, execution is about giving your goals your undivided attention. In order to give your goals your undivided attention, you must be willing to sacrifice. You have to understand that sacrifice is the doorway into the next season of your life. In addition, you must realize that sacrifice is the womb of success. If you will dare to execute consistently there is no goal that you will not be able to accomplish. Consistency is boring to most people. However, consistency is the only way that you reverse cycles and experience a radical change in your life.
  4. Understand that execution is what will ultimately give you momentum. So many people ask me how I am able to get so much accomplished. Essentially, they want to know what the secret to my success has been. However, when I tell them about habits, disciplines, and consistency I watch the disappointment come over their faces. I want you to understand that there is no hack for success. In my experience, success has been the product of hard work. My willingness to intentionally invest time every single day in my goals is what has caused me to be successful. I’ve worked on my goals in the good times, bad times, troubled times, uncertain times and even disappointing times. While slow and steady is not what most people want to hear, this is precisely the strategy that has consistently produced results and big wins in my life. Momentum does not come from a half-hearted and unintentional pursuit. No, momentum is the result of the wholehearted, intentional, and consistent pursuit of your goals. Momentum is not the product of desire. Momentum is the product of discipline. You will discover that it is discipline that will empower you to dominate life.



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Jamelle Sanders is the CEO of Jamelle Sanders International. An empowerment media company devoted to empowering leaders and entrepreneurs for success.