Leap: Having the Courage to Pursue More for Your Life

First of all, let me start off by saying welcome to the second quarter! Can you believe that we are already in the second quarter of 2022? As you are well aware, time is moving and we must be intentional about maximizing the moments of our lives. This year has started off amazing for me and I am executing on some really big goals. As a result, I am learning so much about making quantum leaps and embracing the next dimension in life. I want to share some insights with you about making the leap into new realms of possibilities and opportunities in your life this year.

  1. You must have awareness. As I entered into 2022, I approached this year with a different level of awareness than I have in previous years. I set some really huge goals for myself this year. These goals are so big that I almost tore them out of my journal and rewrote smaller goals for the year. However, when I felt the anxiety and my heart racing, I knew these were the goals that I needed to pursue this year. I always take the time to write down my goals but this year I needed to shift into a higher gear. In other words, I needed to raise my awareness. I want you to understand that awareness is not just about knowing what needs to change in your life. Awareness is coming to a place of unwavering commitment and understanding of what it will take to change your life. In other words, awareness is having the ability to perceive what is possible and the path that you must take to manifest your greatest desires. Anything we attempt without awareness will ultimately result in abortion.
  2. You must have a made-up mind. If you have followed my work for any length of time, then you know that the mind is my favorite subject. Over the years, I have done countless interviews on various media platforms and everyone is always interested in the key to my success. Honestly, the greatest contributor to my success was making the decision to cultivate my mind. Nothing moved and none of my dreams manifested until I was willing to get my mind involved. While so many people are so quick to say what they cannot do, what they do not realize is that you can do more than you think you can. The problem is that you have settled for a life of limitations. When I made up my mind, I removed restrictions, broke through limitations, and embraced possibilities I never imagined in my life. The greatest barrier between you and the next dimension in your life is your belief system. On a positive note, if your thoughts have brought you here, then you can change your thoughts and create the life that you have always dreamed of. No frontiers are conquered in life until they are first conquered in the realm of thought.
  3. You cannot make big leaps in life without courage. While there is so much I could say about courage, I will try to be succinct in my statements. If you really want to change your life, one of the most important ingredients is courage. Courage is not the absence of fear. Courage is having the full of assurance of faith. Furthermore, courage is not the denial of obstacles. Courage is simply having the determination to defy obstacles. As someone that has trained and empowered people around the world, one thing I want you to understand is that we all have fears and trepidations. It is a natural part of life. What is not natural is allowing fear to paralyze your dreams and imprison your potential. Anytime you are making big leaps and pursuing a bigger life you will encounter fear. In fact, as I am pursuing some really big goals this year I have felt fear on a number of occasions. However, instead of listening to the fear I have instead leaned into the fear and allowed it to fuel my forward momentum. Courage is not becoming engulfed by the magnitude of the obstacles in your life. Courage is being fully convinced that you can conquer any obstacle that stands in the way of your victory. When you dare to confront your fears, you unleash your faith and you collide with your prophetic future. Courage will always awaken the champion on the inside of you!
  4. You must be willing to pursue more in your life. This has already been one of the greatest years of my life. I am seeing answers to prayers, dreams are being realized and I am unlocking my potential in a big way. However, none of this would be possible if I was not willing to pursue more in my life. Deep down inside we all hear the divine call and feel the divine nudge to pursue more for our lives. Unfortunately, we settle for the clutter of the common. We allow mediocre people to tell us that we should not be pursuing more and that we should be satisfied and settled with our lives. These are the same people who deep down on the inside are unhappy and unfulfilled. They keep feeling that there is more for their lives but they are too afraid to pursue it. If you aim for average and hit it, then you have no new projectiles or possibilities to pursue in your life. On the other hand, if you aim for greatness and miss it, you will still end up achieving more than most people ever will in a lifetime. What am I trying to say? Do not lower your standards to cater to the common. Instead, raise your standards and unlock your capacity for greatness. You were never created to settle. You were created to soar. Pursuing more is how you own your greatness!



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Jamelle Sanders is the CEO of Jamelle Sanders International. An empowerment media company devoted to empowering leaders and entrepreneurs for success.