Alignment: Finding the Right Rhythm to Your Life

Well, we are officially in the month of July. Can you believe it? We are in the third quarter of 2022 and we are more than halfway through the year. I hope that you are pleased with the progress that you have made. If you are not pleased, then now is a great time to get clarity, find your center, and chart the course to changing your life. I want to share a few insights with you about finding the right pace for your life. Ultimately, I hope that you will take the time to examine your life and make some mid-course adjustments so that this can truly be the greatest year of your life. The adjustments you are willing to make will determine the results that you achieve.

  1. Examine what is not working in your life. As we go into the third quarter, I want you to take the time to examine what is not working in your life. One of the most important principles I ever learned is that examination is the womb of evolution. Also, anything you are unwilling to examine you are accepting as part of your life. Frustration is something that we all face in our lives. In order to avoid living in a constant state of frustration, you have to identify that something has to change about your life. Frustration is the trigger that empowers us to make the choices that propel transformation in our lives. Examine your habits, routines, relationships, time, boundaries, and priorities. I can guarantee you that if you will take the time to examine your life you will identify not only the weak spots in your life but you will find the secrets to discovering what makes your life work. Your life will work when you tap into the strategies and systems that empower you to produce results and engineer radical change. Anything that you are willing to examine you are empowered to alter.
  2. Eliminate the distractions in your life. Distractions are the road bumps that stand in the way of you realizing your dreams. More importantly, distractions are the greatest crippler of human potential. Nobody is exempt from distractions. We all face distractions but what we do with distractions will determine the success or failure of our lives. Essentially, I have discovered that if you entertain distractions you will ultimately extinguish your dreams. On the other hand, if you eliminate distractions you fuel your focus and you ultimately manifest your goals. The objective of distractions is to make you abandon your goals and ultimately abort your dreams. The cost of entertaining distractions is lost moments, squandered opportunities, and time stole that you will never get back. The greatest way you can ever honor your potential is to bring your full self to every single day. What do I mean by that? You have to drown out the noise, develop tunnel vision and learn how to say no to everything that stands in the way of you saying yes to the life that you truly desire. A distraction is a downpayment on future cycles of disappointment and defeat. Nobody can truly afford to be distracted because the aftermath is always regret.
  3. You have to bring your life into proper alignment. While there are many principles that contribute to a life of success and prosperity, one of the greatest principles I ever learned is the principle of alignment. Many times we are frustrated about the circumstances in our lives but we are unwilling to change the circumstances in our lives. You cannot change your circumstances or the context of your life without proper alignment. Why is alignment so important? Alignment is having the proper mental attitude, spiritual perspective, emotional stability, soul health, and inner fortitude to manifest your greatest desires. Alignment is the womb of attraction. In other words, you cannot birth into your life what you have not first become. You will never embrace what you have not first embodied. Before you get frustrated about why certain things are not manifesting in your life, you should start by taking a look in the mirror. Are you living in congruency with the life that you want to create? Your rituals establish the rhythm of your life. The rhythm of your life determines whether you get results and realize your dreams. Alignment is when you come into agreement with who you are destined to become and actualize your greatest desires.
  4. Make a commitment to consistent advancement. When you live your life in proper alignment, not only do you establish a rhythm to your life but you also advance your life. So many people are living an artificial life. They are confused about why they cannot seem to create the life that they desire. However, they have not discovered that you cannot advance any area of your life without commitment. I believe that commitment is a master key to changing your life. Furthermore, cycles will persist in your life until you are willing to make new commitments. Your commitments define your priorities, orchestrate your moments and decide your progress. A different life requires different decisions. The difference in seasons is the choices you make, commitments you keep, and the time you are willing to invest. What commitments do you need to make? The change you desire is on the other side of a commitment that you need to make. Advancement is the product of action. Whatever you give your attention to will determine the advancement of your life. So give your attention to the things that enrich, expand, and exponentially grow your life.

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Jamelle Sanders is the CEO of Jamelle Sanders International. A global management, consulting advisory empowering leaders for success.