2022: Leveraging the Gift of a Fresh Start

As 2022 came in, I saw the thrill on the faces of many. Everyone was excited and declared that this will be their year. Unfortunately, as I looked at those same people at the end of January I see lost hope and abandoned goals. Too many people think that a new calendar year is going to magically change their lives. What they fail to realize is that change is not magic at all. Change requires a made-up mind, meaningful living, and methodical execution. I want to share some insights with you on how to take advantage of the gift of a fresh start. My hope for you is that you will be intentional about your growth and development and make this the greatest year of your life!

  1. Understand that you are the most important factor in changing your life. While I am not against positive affirmations and vision boards, I want you to understand that none of these things change your life. It is good to have positive affirmations. However, if those positive affirmations never lead you to action then they are pointless. In addition, if your vision board does not motivate you to make meaningful changes in your life then it is meaningless. As someone that has trained and developed leaders around the globe, I know from personal experience that too often we are looking for change to happen externally. What we do not understand is that change has to happen internally. In other words, you are the catalyst to all change in your life. If you do not change anything, then nothing about your life will ever advance. If you want 2022 to be different, then you must decide what you are going to do to make it different. You must dare to become the change that you want to see in your life!
  2. Make up your mind that nothing is going to stop you. After you have discovered that you are the catalyst to changing your life, I want you to start upgrading your mind. In other words, I want you to get your mind in the game if you want to manifest your goals and realize your dreams. Understand that old thinking will never create new cycles in your life. In fact, old thinking will only produce old attitudes, old patterns, and old outcomes. You must develop a bulletproof mindset if you want to break your way into new possibilities and opportunities. Antiquated thinking will never produce abundant living. So this year you must dare to challenge toxic thoughts and toxic emotions. More importantly, you must have the courage to confront self-limiting beliefs, self-limiting philosophies, and self-imposed limitations. Make 2022 the year that you expand your paradigm and embrace unlimited possibilities and realities. You live at the realm of your thinking. The only way to revolutionize your life is to raise your thinking. When you raise your thinking, you will move beyond restrictions and you will have the audacity to reach for more in your life. Mediocrity cannot live in a made-up mind.
  3. You must develop your winning blueprint. It is good to know that you are the catalyst for change in your life. In addition, it is great to make up your mind that nothing is going to stop you. However, I know from experience that one thing can stop you and prevent you from living the life of your dreams. What is it? The thing that can stop you is not taking the time to develop a plan for success. While many people set resolutions and have good intentions for 2022, they will not be successful because they never took the time to develop a plan. The failure to plan is one of the greatest ways that you forfeit potential. Planning brings structure, direction, and focus to your life. Most of all, planning empowers you to concentrate on specific targets as you move towards a specific destination. When you live without a plan you become the victim of the plans of others. Value yourself and your potential enough to clarify your vision, define your priorities, and invest your time in the things that will move your life forward. A plan helps you connect the dots, make the transitions, and ultimately embrace your prophetic destiny. You bankrupt your potential every day that you live without a blueprint.
  4. Decide that you are going to be a person of action. It is not enough to develop a blueprint. After you have written out your plan, you need to start taking action. As I stated at the beginning of this piece, by now most people have given up on their resolutions, reverted back to what is familiar and 2022 will simply be a repeat of 2021. Why is that? They have great aspirations and even grand ambitions. Unfortunately, they never take action in the direction of their dreams. Action is what separates dreamers from doers. Most importantly, action is what bridges the gap between hope and manifestation. If you want to shift out of neutral and into overdrive, then I challenge you to become a person of action. I’ve discovered from years of experience that action is the womb of achievement. I can already hear some of you making excuses why you cannot execute your goals. However, as some of you have heard me say before, excuses are the monuments we build to mediocrity in our lives. Furthermore, excuses are the instruments we use to build inferior lives. Regret is the child of inaction. If you want to advance, ascend into new realms of possibilities, and awaken to your greatest potential then you must become a person of action. The difference in years are the decisions we make, the growth we commit to, and the actions we are willing to take. Take the actions that will empower you to live your greatest life in 2022!



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Jamelle Sanders is the CEO of Jamelle Sanders International. A global management, consulting advisory empowering leaders for success.